Tropical Blu Moringa Bowl

This tropical blue nice cream will teleport you to a beach with sand under your toes, lazing in

a straw hat, with the warm sun beating down. Need a tropical getaway adventure? Then this

nice cream recipe is exactly what you need!

“Life is like nice cream, enjoy it before it melts.”

Smoothie bowls and nice creams are great recipes for starting the morning. Nice creams

majorly consist of fruit, so they check the boxes for wholesome nutrition. Top it with

ingredients of your choice such as granola, muesli, fresh fruits, nuts, or seeds to make the

breakfast more filling.

You might also enjoy adding superfood powders to your nice cream based on your diet needs.

We added two favourites in this recipe, moringa leaf powder and blue spirulina powder. The

superfood duo keeps us feeling energetic and full throughout the morning.

Blue spirulina powder, originally from blue-green algae, also has a characteristic bright blue

colour. Add this to your bowl for a super dreamy blue colour that will surely be Instagram


Have a crazy morning routine? We know the struggle. That's why we recommend slicing your

nice cream fruit beforehand and freezing it. For example, you could plan your week ahead and

divide sliced bananas for each day into zip lock bags or containers. Whizz it up with store

bought frozen fruit chunks, superfood powders, and protein powder in a high-speed blender for

a breakfast ready in under 15 minutes. You know what they say, a good day starts with a good