Moringa, Queen Supreme of All Greens

Benefits of Moringa

How had I not heard of Moringa before? All those benefits, I only wish I had known about sooner. It was only a year ago whilst staying with a host in Miyakojima, a small island of Okinawa, Japan that I was introduced to this Queen of All Greens..

Our wonderful Okinawan host, Mr Tarota-san told us in the morning “I have bought some fresh Moringa leaves for your tea”. On looking at those leaves I wasn’t sure if this was going to be some hallucinogenic herb we didn’t quite sign up for. He seemed pretty astounded we hadn’t heard of these mystical, all-powerful leaves before.  

“But you’re from England, how do you not know? It has even been shown in Vogue to be a miracle for the skin!” Okay, I was pretty intrigued now. Mr Tarota-san is a fellow health professional and physiotherapist, so I trust we’re not going to be seeing pink unicorns by noon.  He encouraged us to do a little Moringa research as he gushed about the amazing properties of these leaves. 

Whilst sipping the slightly bitter fresh Moringa brew, I learned about the high iron content these leaves provide for a natural energy boost.  Mr Tartota-san excitedly set about making us a Moringa bath! Yes, I actually bathed in moringa. I can confirm, Vogue was not lying.  

Whilst it was a somewhat strange experience to be in a bath with dark green water, my skin then felt super smooth – I was amazed! So I researched a little more about the benefits of moringa and I just could not wait to get my hands on more of this magic once I returned back to the UK. Here’s why:

Top Benefits of Moringa 

Moringa is known as the miracle tree! It contains over 90 nutrients but here we’ll take a look at the some of top benefits that our moringa powder from the supreme Moringa Oleifera leaves have: 

Moringa Leaf Powder For Glowing Skin 

Moringa Leaf Powder has been proclaimed by Vogue magazine as "redefining beauty from within." This is because it has one of the greatest concentrations of antioxidants of any food. Whilst goji berries are well known to be an antioxidant powerhouse.

Moringa Leaf Powder has 6x the amount of antioxidants of goji berries, with the added benefits of vitamin A + E. Oxidative stress is a key reason for free radicals destroying skin collagen which leads to premature ageing, fine lines and dry skin. Free radical damage is combatted through antioxidants along with Vitamin A + E – vital for healthy and nourished skin.

Moringa Leaf Powder For A Sustained Energy Boost

Moringa  is jam-packed with iron which is an essential mineral for providing energy and reducing feelings of tiredness. 

Moringa Leaf Powder reduces fatigue in a two-fold way as the vitamin A in Moringa Leaf Powder may significantly increase the uptake of iron within the body. So by regularly adding Moringa into your recipes, you are helping to reduce fatigue and giving yourself a natural energy boost. The high iron concentration in Moringa makes it really useful for those who regularly experience fatigue and tiredness from anaemia.

Moringa Leaf Powder A Complete Protein Source
Moringa leaves contain approximately 25% protein, and Moringa Leaf Powder contains all 9 essential amino acids rendering it a complete protein source, and all from a plant! – So without the cardiovascular repercussions of many animal sources of protein.  

 Amino acids are the building blocks of the human body, necessary for the growth and repair of muscle tissue. To have all 9 of these essential amino acids is rare for a plant, and one of the reasons Moringa is a supreme supergreen! 

Moringa Leaf For Bone Health

Moringa contains 4x the concentration of calcium that cow’s milk, and 3x the potassium in bananas whilst also being a rich source of vitamin K. These vital minerals are essential to maintaining healthy bones and combatting the reduction of bone density, together with the anti-inflammatory properties moringa has. 

Moringa Leaf Powder The Mood Enhancer 

Moringa is a feel-good superfood. Part of this is thanks to its help reducing fatigue and boosting our energy, which is always going to make us feel good. However, it’s also known to naturally increase the levels of serotonin which is a mood enhancer, and can benefit some of those suffering with depression and/ or anxiety.    

 It’s so easy to experience the benefits of this supreme supergreen, either by simply adding our moringa powder to your morning smoothies or as an addition to a whole range of recipes you can explore on our page. 

 Article written by Dr Richa Saigal-Gohil PhD, Bsc